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Scenes from
Trading Spaces

For Trading Spaces Hundred Grand Special we wanted to create a wall finish that is dramatic yet fun for Barbie and John to complete. Our good friend and client, Doug Wilson imagined a wall of smokey blue-green to contrast with his crisp, off-white wainscoting. We developed a two step venetian plaster to imitate antique tooled leather. The venetian plaster is custom colored using concentrated tints. The first step involves rolling on the plaster and stippling it into frosting-like peaks with a wide, flat brush. When the first coat is dry, a second coat of the same material is tightly skimmed over top with a trowel in random directions. As the trowel drags across the peaks it skips, creating tiny wrinkles. When this is dry butchers' wax is applied with a dry rag in a circular motion. The peaks are then polished to a high shine by placing the trowel on its side and rubbing. The low areas between the peaks are polished to a lower sheen by buffing with a cotton rag.

Doug and Ron decided to add two dramatic modern paintings inspired by the work of artist, Mark Rothko to define the living space. Geometric color field were painted by Ron with acrylic paint directly over the plaster. Tones in the room were echoed and some notes of bold color were introduced.

A big thanks to the Trading Spaces Team for allowing us to invade their space.